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Support the Patented Professional Nurses Ring Program!
Proceeds from the purchase of every Professional Nurses Ring sold in the U.S. are shared with your participating local State Nurses Association, Nurses House, and the Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Proceeds from the purchase of every Professional Nurses Ring sold in Canada are shared with the Canadian Nurses Foundation.

The internationally approved Professional Nurses Ring was successfully unveiled at the American Nurses Association Centennial Convention. Simultaneously in agreement with the Canadian Nurses Foundation and the International Council of Nurses, the ring was introduced at their corresponding annual conventions. Other industry supporters include Go LPN Online and CNA Certification Scoop, which formally recommend the Nurses Ring to their respective organizations.

For the first time in history, a nurses professional ring has been approved by patent - making the Nurses Ring official by U.S. Design Patent in America, and by Registered Design Patents in Canada and Internationally.

This achievement was largely based on the five years of research and development with over 2,500 nurses and their affiliates globally, ring design changes, and extensive nurses acceptance. This was accomplished nearly exclusively on a volunteer basis.

The corporate entity to introduce the program, validate the patents, and participate in key nursing partnership agreements was formed in 1996 under the name White Sun, with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Great Falls, Montana, U.S.A.

The Project Concept
Volunteer nursing recognition and communication research with various agencies, IABC resources, RNs, students, families, and with contact advisory from nursing associations and publics helped mold the Professional Nurses Ring program. The Professional Nurses Ring was designed as part of a project to recognize the Professionals that Educate and Heal. You can also visit the companion ring project - the Professional Teachers Ring.

Research found that socially, less than 20% of RNs monitored through a number of external events/activites identified themselves as professional nurses or discussed health care. Through this lack of public recognition and discussion, it was estimated that millions of opportunities for nursing awareness, lobbying, and public relations were lost due to this lack of communication. Nurses need a visible identity as a professional at any time and any place - yet 95% of RNs do not carry a business card. Further, nurses families wanted a commemorative heirloom recognizing the nurses's career. The Professional Nurses Ring concept focused on local and global acknowledgement of our ultimate caregivers to:
  • Provide recognition at any time and at any place - in a work or social environment.
  • Signal nursing communications opportunities when the ring is identified or questioned by external publics.
  • A tool to educate external publics on current position of healthcare and nursing.
  • Become a treasured family heirloom of the nurse who earned the right to wear it - the choice to become an RN.

The Meaning
The meaning of the ring culminated in the design interpretation by universal agreement to create a stylized 'N' symbolic of the profession and its mandate - Caring - and to identify the five key elements of caring through five soft curves of the 'N':
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Conscience

Wearability of the ring, in response to data compiled from many nurses, ensures that it is:
  • Small and delicate to present the gentleness of nursing.
  • Designed for the 'pinkie' finger - the professional ring finger by etiquette but adaptable to other fingers if desired.
  • Able to be worn at all times.
  • Cast only in fine gold - the historical symbol of worth.
  • Very fine, with no sharp edges for wear under surgical gloves if desired.
  • Finished with high polish luster maintaining optimum hygiene for nurse and patient.

Craftsmanship & Universality
Superbly crafted by master goldsmiths, manufacturing techniques were finalized to guarantee perfect quality. All rings are inspected carefully before being sent out, and all rings are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Universality was ascertained by focusing the development process on the needs and wants of random, individual working, retired, and student nurses rather than specific professional groups and associations.

If you have any further questions about the Professional Nurses Ring, please visit our Frequently Asked Question page, or contact us.

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