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Do you have an active Student Nurses Association at your university? Or are you actively involved with a Nursing Organization? If so, you may be able to help the Professional Nurses Ring project!

The ring was designed with a world-wide focus, and has the support of the ICN, ANA, and CNF (read about the ring for more information). The more RNs seen wearing the ring, the greater the public awareness of the Nursing profession!

In both the U.S. and Canada, national nursing organizations benefit from the sale of each Nurses Ring (see the FAQs page). To be able to donate a portion of the proceeds to these organizations, provide a quality solid gold ring to RNs, and remain as affordable as ever, we need your help! And it doesnt take much.

We are always adding new organizations, university associations, and even individuals web pages to our Links section. We welcome exchanging links. Please see the information on linking to the Nurses Ring web site on the Links page, and contact us so we can reciprocate!

For organizations with mailing lists, and universities with student nursing email lists, we can provide you with a sample template email to deliver to your colleagues. The email is small and simple, introducing the Nurses Ring project briefly, and directing people to this site for more information. We do not ask that you divulge your email list to us - simply take our email, change it if required to fit your needs, and pass it along to your mail list. Thats it! For more information, and to receive a template email letter, please contact us.

If you wish to have Nurses Ring materials available to your organization or nursing students association, please contact us we have a number of different printed materials we can send you, including:
  •  Postcard order forms showing the Nurses Ring and briefly describing the project.
  •  Table-top signs that show the ring, display the prices, and talk about the project.
  •  Plastic ring sizers, so that your membership can conveniently find their ring size.
  •  Information on the beneficiary organizations of the Nurses Ring program.

Another great way to increase the proceeds sent to the beneficiary organizations is to organize a group order. A group order is a minimum order of 10 Nurses Rings, all delivered to the same address. The prices for the rings stay the same as an individual order, however the savings in the shipping and handling is passed on as additional proceeds to the national organizations. Please contact us for more information on organizing a group order.

For groups wanting to take the project even further, people willing to get involved can directly benefit from promoting the Nurses Ring! By hosting a Nurses Ring Sale for your Student Nursing Association or Nursing Organization, you are eligible for a discount on the purchase of your own Nurses Ring as are up to 2 of your colleagues! To organize a Ring Sale, contact us and we will send you more information, including sale supplies such as:
  •  Triplicate order forms so your members can order and keep a receipt. You submit all orders after the sale, and we send out the rings as soon as possible!
  •  Posters you can put up to announce the upcoming sale.
  •  Information and tips on how to have a successful ring sale.
If your organization sells 25 rings or more at the ring sale, you are eligable for the following discounts on additional Nurses Rings. For University Student Nurses Associations, as soon as you reach 25 Nurses Rings sold in a given school year (not necessarily all from one Ring Sale), you too can get the following discounts on additional Nurses Rings:
  • One ring at 50% off (usually for the principal organizer of the Sale, but may be given to someone else).
  • Up to 2 additional rings at 25% off (usually for your colleagues who help during the Sale, but may be given to others).
Note that the discounted rings are in addition to the 25 rings sold. Please contact us for further information on hosting your own Nurses Ring Sale!

The Professional Nurses Ring is an exciting project. With your help, it can become a success! If you have any further questions on how you can help the project, or if you would like more information on how to participate in one of the above activities, please contact us. Thank you for your support!

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